No Write Day

27th Mar 2019

No Write Day

On Friday 22nd March, pupils and staff at MPA had a 'No Write Day'. All writing was banned for the day, and instead the focus was on the development of oracy, collaboration and problem solving.

Themes were given to each year group (The Gruffalo, Island, The Labyrinth) the aim of which was to release 'Old Uncle Walton'.

Children firstly met together in the hall to have the day introduced, with Mr. Walton, the Principal, explaining to the children that he thought that one of his relatives had been trapped somewhere - he didn't know any more than this, but asked the children for their help to release him.

The children then went to their classes, where all desks had been moved to the sides, Children then engaged in a series of tasks, linked to their theme, to 'unlock' the next level and slay the beasts who were preventing Old Uncle Walton from being free. Tasks included Build the Tallest Tower, Helium Loop, Treasure Lift, Storyland, and Soundscape. All activities engaged children in collaboration and problem solving and involved speaking, listening and negotiation.

When all beasts had been slain, the children met up in the hall at the end of the day, to witness Mr Walton waking from his long dream and then thanking the children for helping to release Old Uncle Walton from his prison. Children received certificates for leadership, speaking and listening, problem solving, risk taking, overcoming fears, and evaluation.

The day was a great success, with children being fully engaged and really enjoying the event.