24th Oct 2014

Parent School Link Group Drop-In 04/11/2014

The school has a parent association called the Parent School Link Group, which is run by a committee of parents. The group raises money and organises activ

15th Oct 2014

Junior Wardens at the Public Services Day 2014

On Tuesday 30th September our Junior Wardens were given the chance to get involved and witness first-hand the work that the public services around Calderda

7th Oct 2014

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubabrak from all the staff and children at Mount Pellon Primary Academy. We hope you had a lovely Eid with your families. Children came to school toda

15th Jul 2014

Exit Points

Curriculum Exit Points have taken place throughout school this week, which showcase the work children have been doing this half-term. Parents were invited

1st Jul 2014

Summer Fayre

Our school Summer Fayre took place on Friday 27th June after school.It was a fantastic

30th Jun 2014

Ramadan Club

Those children who are observing fast at school have been taking part in refelction at lunchtimes. OverRamadan the children will be taking part in many ac

30th Jun 2014

Loom Band Club

Loom band are coloured bands that the children use to create a band. These can be woven into many patterns and sizes. The children have been taking part in

17th Jun 2014

Year 6 Leavers Party

The Parent School Link Group held aYear 6 Leavers Party after school on Friday 13th June for all our Year 6 children. The children had a fantastic time si

17th Jun 2014


Every week we help 40,000 children achieve at school by integrating the arts throughout their learning. Artis create a very different learning experience f

9th Jun 2014

Speedmark Challenge

This week the whole school has been taking part in the Speedmark Challenge. The Speedmark event involves a fun inflatable football goal, with an integrated