Mission Statement, Aims and Ethos

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred.

At Mount Pellon we want our children and staff to -

  • enjoy learning so that they are fully involved in it
  • believe that they can do well and be successful
  • achieve their best in everything that try to do

Our Academy Aims help us achieve our mission statement. We aim -

  • to be a harmonious academy where everyone works and learns together
  • to take responsibility for our own learning
  • to strive to be the best we can be
  • to keep ourselves safe and lead a healthy life

Overarching everything that we do at Mount Pellon is the one Academy rule shared by the family of Northern Education Academies. All children and adults are expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect at all times. By considering the aims and mission statement of the Academy in everything that we do we create a positive ethos in which everyone can achieve to their full potential.