Please view our Attendance Policy

We believe that children cannot learn if they are absent from school. Therefore, we aim to ensure that all our children take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and to raise standards by promoting regular attendance and punctuality of pupils.

Children are expected to attend the academy for the full 190 days of the academic year, unless there is a good reason for absence. There are two types of absence:

Authorised (where the academy approves pupil absence)
Unauthorised (where the academy will not approve absence)

If a child is absent unexpectedly, parents should call the academy on the morning of the first day of the absence stating a reason. Alternatively, a note should be sent in to the class teacher or school office explaining the absence. The school will then decide whether to authorise the absence. If authorisation were to be refused, for instance if a child was kept off school for a birthday, then the parents would be informed.

If contact, explaining the child's absence, fails to be made by parents or carers, then the academy would contact the parent by telephone on the initial day or conduct a home visit.

Extended Absences during Term Time
Regular school attendance is essential if a child is to maximise their educational opportunities. Interruptions in attendance not only disrupt a child's education, making it difficult for them to catch up on work they have missed, but it can also affect their social life within the school.

It is the academy's responsibility to provide the best education possible. We can only do this if children attend regularly.

Any requests must be in writing on the Request for Leave of Absence in Term Time Form, which will be considered by the Attendance Officer or Principal. Any approval will be given in writing stating what has been approved.

If approval is given and a child fails to return after the agreed date, this will result in the child being removed from the academy roll.

The Headteacher will only authorise holidays in term time for 'Exceptional Circumstances' which must be supported by a covering letter. Any absence for a holiday which does not meet the Regulations or Discretionary Criteria will be marked as an unauthorised absence.

If your child has absences marked as unauthorised, you may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for this period. It should be noted that BOTH parents would be at risk of a Fixed Penalty Notice for each child within the family who has a period of unauthorised absence from school. On receipt of a FPN, a parent will be required to pay the sum of £60 per parent, per child.

This should be paid within 28 days. The Penalty will increase to £120, if paid after 28 but within 42 days. Non payment of the Penalty will lead to prosecution under Section 444A Education Act 1996. The school does not benefit from this fine. It goes to the Local Authority.


The academy door is opened at 8.50 am and all pupils are expected to be in the academy for registration before 9.00 am. Any child arriving later should enter the academy via the main entrance reporting to the office. If accompanied, a parent or carer should give a reason for the lateness, which will be added to the register. The child will then be sent to their classroom.

Pupils who are consistently late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of others. Where persistent lateness gives cause for concern further action may be taken.

What can parents do to help?

  • Let the academy know as soon as possible why a child is away.
  • Send a note when a child returns to the academy.
  • Try to make appointments outside academy time.
  • Do not allow a child to have time off school unless it is really necessary.

If a parent is worried about their child's attendance at the academy what can they do?

  • Talk to the child; it may be something simple.
  • Talk to the Principal and staff at the academy.

If it continues:

The academy may refer to the Education Welfare Service.
Parents may contact the Education Welfare Officer, who will work with them and the academy to resolve the situation (number available from the School Office).

If you would like any more information on attendance or have a query please contact Mrs Kauser our Attendance Officer.