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Year 6

The Curriculum Team at Mount Pellon have worked incredibly hard to create a curriculum that is active and engaging for all learners. It was imperative to create a curriculum that incorporates all different learning styles to ensure that it is a curriculum for all. We use key skills to guarantee it is broad and balanced, which focuses on all foundation subjects. We also have a great emphasis on group and independent learning to give children responsibility for their learning and moving it forward.

We cover 4 main topics from years 1-6 with a driver focus of Geography, History, Science and Art/DT. We ensure the rest of our foundation subjects support each driver to give the children access to a range of lessons throughout the term or half term. EYFS covers a variety of topics over the year which supports the Development Matters themes. These themes underpin the core principles of early education and support the whole child.

All our topics begin with an exciting hook to submerge the children into their topic and on completion of the topics, we have created showcase events for our parents. The aim of the showcase is to include our parents in our learning to present our knowledge and the work we have produced.

Many of our parents who have attended the showcases have been amazed by the children, their confidence at presenting and their knowledge and understanding of all the different elements of their topic. As we have enjoyed having parents in to show our work to, we will be inviting our parents to topic lessons to help support with our learning.

As well as in class, we also have created a program to take children beyond the four walls to gain first hand experiences of the world around them, undertaking termly visits to support and reinforce learning.

Computing Curriculum
The computing curriculum has been a focus for this year. We have developed a curriculum which ensures the children are equipped with a wide range of resources to support their learning and understanding of computing.

Religious Education
At Mount Pellon we follow the agreed RE Syllabus for Calderdale and Kirklees. This syllabus was developed by a team of specialists representing all faith groups, ensuring the curriculum we deliver is accurate and respectful of all religions.