Writing at Mount Pellon Primary Academy

At Mount Pellon primary Academy, we strongly believe in children being able to speak fluently before they write therefore to teach English we incorporate a rigorous "Talk for Writing" approach.

Each year group will cover a range of narrative and non-fiction units throughout the year. Our narrative units are based on core spines of stories such as stories with a journey or defeating a monster story. Units for writing are spread out across each phase of school so that children have the opportunity to build on writing skills throughout each year group.

Within our units, children will learn the skills to write through a process of imitation (orally learning a text and deconstructing what the text is about), innovation (being able to change and adapt the text) and invention (having the freedom to invent their own writing). This 3 stage process enables children to fully embed the skills needed to write for different genres.

Grammar plays a big part in our English units and can be seen all around the classroom. We colour code different word classes to help children understand what job each word does. These colours are fully embedded in to the children's lessons and they even self-assess their own writing by highlighting each word class. Please see below for the colours-

Adjectives - Pink
Verbs - Green
Adverbs - Blue
Adverbial phrases - Blue
Openers - Orange
Conjunctions - Yellow

All year groups across the school follow the national curriculum objectives for their year group. These are incorporated in to the writing units and ensure that each year they build on the skills for writing.

Spelling and Handwriting

Spelling is taught in each KS2 year group each week. Children are taught the rules and spelling patterns for words in the National curriculum expectations.

Each year group follows a programme of study for handwriting called 'Penpals'. Children are taught to form letters correctly and then to use a range of joins to join their letters. Once children are able to join their letters neatly and accurately, they are able to have a pen license. This allows the child to write in blue biro in their books. They even get a card or badge to show off with!

Reading and phonics

Whole class lessons of phonics are taught throughout Nursery to Year 2 with smaller phonics groups taking place in KS2. The children follow a synthetic and systematic programme called 'Letters and Sounds'. This allows the children to read sounds, blend and segment words and start to understand spelling patterns.

Each year group participates in 25 minute reading sessions daily. Children will have the opportunity to read for different purposes across a range of genres.