Key Contacts

Here you will find contact information on key staff including who has responsibility for specific areas. For a full staff list please select a link on the left of the Staff Page.

The following information may help you if you are wondering who you need to speak to in school.

Attendance Officer:
Mrs S Kauser if you wish to talk about your child's attendance.

Inclusion Lead:
Mrs R Collyer / Mrs S Curtis

Behaviour Support Manager:
Mr W Munir

We have many Punjabi and Czech speaking members of staff, who will be happy to help if you need someone to translate or interpret for you.

If your child is having difficulties of any kind in the classroom, please speak first to his or her class teacher. Problems can usually be resolved in this way, but If he or she can't help you, we'll make sure the details of the problem are passed on to the appropriate person.

Mount Pellon Primary Academy
Battinson Road

01422 349618

01422 342569