Maths in Reception

How is maths learnt?

Maths is learnt through a whole class input, small group adult-led focused activities and through areas of provision including outdoor learning. Areas of provision include measuring equipment and resources for mark-making, writing and recording in maths.

When is maths learnt

  • Every afternoon there is a maths teacher led session followed by group work and maths provision.
  • Cross curriculur learning
  • Early morning work
  • Trips and visitors

Areas of provision:

  • Children's maths learning will be celebrated on displays in the classroom.
  • Children will explore maths through resources including; numicon, cubes, sorting objects, beadstrings, counters, construction and natural objects
  • Children will have the opportunity for recording maths in all areas of provision using a range of paper for maths recording including: squared, triangular paper, tracing paper and dotty paper
  • Children will have the opportunity to see how shapes fit together through construction challenges
  • Children will become familiar with a range of numberlines in their everyday maths learning
  • Children will have the opportunity to build patterns, construct, play maths number games, explore measures and shapes.

How is pupils' maths learning evidenced in Reception?

Evidence is collected through observation notes and video/photographic evidence, which is then uploaded to the Tapestry online learning journal. Parents can view their children's learning using this online resource via the link below:

Tapestry Login

Please see your child's class teacher for login details.

Evidence is also recorded in a maths exercise book at least once a week from January.

Maths is planned using the Development Matters document.

Development Matters can be viewed online here:

Development Matters