Maths in Year 1

How and when is maths learnt?

  • In lessons:
  • Small group afternoon session
  • Filler times such as lining up, end of day -
  • Cross curricular learning
  • In lessons:
  • Mental/oral starter:
  • Small focus groups at the start of a lesson
  • Filler times such as lining up, end of day -
  • 'On the spot' challenges
  • Times table/number facts champions
  • Cross curricular learning

Maths is learnt through a mastery approach using the Maths:No Problem! Workbooks.

Children will be asked a 'Big Question' at the start of each lesson.

Children will work in mixed ability groups to approach a maths task/concept. The focus is on discussion, use of resources, feedback and sharing of approaches. Teach, do, review.

Children who need additional support to keep up with learning in the lesson, will have a 15 minute small group time with the teacher that afternoon, this will be covered by a teaching assistant. During this intervention the rest of the class will complete a 5 question challenge linked to developing arithmetic and reasoning.

Counting forwards and backwards to 100 in steps of 1, counting forward in steps of 2,5 and 10, halving and doubling facts to 10, mental addition and subtraction of amounts up to and including 10.

Statistics/measuring in science, exploring shape in art/design, sequencing/algorithms in computing

What are children in Year 1 taught in maths?
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