Dear Parent/ Carer,

Hello! My name is Chris Walton and I am the Principal of Mount Pellon. I started work at the school on Monday 19th June and since then, I have enjoyed working with you all, with your children, and with the staff of the school to ensure the school continues its journey of improvement to being a good school.

I live in Wakefield with my wife Gill and my son Finn (16). My daughter Niamh (19) is currently studying at Bristol University. In my spare time I enjoy running long distances, reading, listening to music, photography and writing.

I am an experienced Principal and Mount Pellon is my fourth Principalship. Before becoming a Principal, I worked as a teacher, an inclusion leader, and an assistant head teacher. I have had proven impacts in my roles resulting in significant school improvements.

I believe that parents and carers should work closely with schools to ensure all children have a great learning experience and make great progress. My aim is for every child to make great progress from whatever their starting point, as a result of consistently strong teaching, strong support from support assistants, an exciting and engaging curriculum, and a well-organised and well-led school. I also believe it is essential for children to be well-supported through a caring and nurturing approach within clearly understood boundaries and within a culture of high expectations. Only by expecting the very best from children will they achieve the very best and only by ensuring a shared culture of mutual respect is in place will children feel valued, supported, safe and happy.

I understand that the school has been through some difficult times and I wish to continue to work with you so that you can become even more proud of the school, of your children's successes and see the school, together with others from the community, as the school of choice.

The school has already made improvements under the leadership of Mrs. Collyer since its last Inspection, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and the leadership team for their hard work during this temporary period of instability.

There is a lot to do and success will not come overnight, but if we work together, communicate openly, and cooperate for the good of the children and the school, our success will come that much quicker.

Yours Sincerely,

C. Walton