Parent Teacher Association

Mount Pellon Family Partnership (PTA)

Committee Roles and Responsibilities 2017-2018

The PTA Committee is made up of a number of key roles. These roles and their associated responsibilities are set out below. Our PTA is called Mount Pellon Family Partnership which leads and co-ordinates fundraising and events. Committee roles were allocated at the Annual General Meeting and members contribute to monthly meetings, form sub teams to plan events and help out regularly. Our Members are invaluable - without them our fayres, discos, cake sales, and other events simply wouldn't happen.

The PTA Committee and Members are, in turn, supported by a wider network of PTA Supporters. Our PTA Supporters may not be able to attend our monthly meetings (although everyone is always welcome) or get involved in the planning events but nevertheless give us their valuable support.

PTA Members

Chair - Kayly Richardson

  • Co-ordinates the overall running of the PTA ensuring that fundraising, events and activities take place.
  • Works closely with the other committee members to ensure the PTA is run effectively.
  • Co-ordinates liaison with the Senior Management Team, for example to agree schedule/dates of events and discuss requests for funding.
  • Sets the agenda for meetings.
  • Manages meetings (along with Vice Chairs), ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
  • Works with Vice Chairs to welcome and involve new members.
  • Supports sub teams in the planning of specific events and activities.

Vice Chair - Amanda Wade

  • Co-ordinates planning of local events and activities and works with event sub teams.
  • Arranges resources - looks after sheds and co-ordinates supplies for events and activities.
  • Deals with site specific correspondence including letters being sent home via book bags and collects from office and responds/passes on as appropriate.
  • Encourages new parents to join the PTA or help out at events.
  • Ensures that money from local events is passed safely to the Treasurer.
  • Keeps float for use at smaller events.
  • Stands in for the Chair should the Chair not be present at a Committee meeting.
  • Assists the Chair in running meetings.

Treasurer - Nighet Ahmed

  • Maintains the financial records.
  • Prepares and co-signs cheques as required.
  • Ensures that payments and reimbursements are made in good time.
  • Records income and expenditure.
  • Prepares reports for chair and committee / AGM.
  • Liaise with the Operation Manager for the above information.

Secretary - Tricia Breeze

  • Takes minutes at meetings.
  • Prepares and distributes notes of meetings.
  • Sends out details of meeting dates, agendas, requests for help etc.
  • Regularly reviews the PTA email account.
  • Manages records - contacts, distributions lists etc.
  • Supports Vice Chairs to do photocopying and general admin tasks.
  • Liaises with school staff to ensure website is regularly updated including copies of letters sent home.
  • Supports the Chair to ensure that the PTA is run in line with the requirements.

Recent events organised by our PTA

  • Non Uniform day 27.10. 2017. Amount raised: £349.86
  • Bake sale arranged to take place on the 18.12.2017
  • Non Uniform arranged to take place on the 22.12.2017

Next meeting date
The next meeting will take place on the 29.01.2018 at the Sunshine Centre at 3:30pm. Everyone is welcome to our Mount Pellon Family Partnership meeting. We meet in the Sunshine Centre on the last Monday of each Month at 3:30pm. If anyone is interested please contact the School Office for more information.